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I offer my services as 12-week plans depending on client goals. To learn more about these book your free 20 minute consultation with me.

This programme is for those who wish to explore their health in a wider sense or who may have several health issues. It includes:

1 x 90 min initial fact-finding consultation​

4 x 60 min follow-up consultations


Detailed personal medical and lifestyle history​

Nutrient supplement recommendations where appropriate

Medications and neutraceuticals interaction review where necessary

Advice on functional tests with result interpretation

Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations

Recipe suggestions, menu planning and nutrient information sheets

Health MOT

  • Do you want to check if your diet is as healthy as it can be?

  • Do you want to find out if a health condition can be managed more effectively with your diet?

  • Do you want to find out what supplements might be beneficial for you? 

  • Are you already taking supplements but are confused about all the information given so want to check they are appropriate for you? 

  • Are you on medication and want to check for any potential nutritional depletions or interactions with supplements?

If ‘Yes,’ a health MOT may be beneficial

Cost £165

(payment is taken up front to reflect research and preparation prior to the appointment)

A personalised plan could include:

  • Testing recommendations e.g. food sensitivities, hormone testing, microbiome testing (if recommended these are charged for separately and a follow-up appointment will be required for test interpretation) 

  • Supplement recommendations (10% discount available for most supplements) 

  • Diet and specific food recommendations for managing health concerns 

  • Advice on stress management 

  • Advice on sleep / sleep hygiene 

  • This will be e-mailed to you no later than 48hrs after your appointment.  Further support is available by purchasing one of the 12 week programmes.

What is included?

A 1.5hr appointment designed to give initial diet, supplement and lifestyle advice. Prior to the appointment you will be sent a nutritional questionnaire and a food diary to complete before the appointment. 

After I have assessed this, I will review the latest research on any health concerns and check interactions with any medications and supplements.  We will then talk about your health goals and concerns in a bit more detail and discuss potential diet and lifestyle changes.  The aim is to agree a plan that fits with your personal circumstances and health goals. 

Follow-up Appointments

Follow-up  appointments are 45mins.  These can be used to review progress and make amendments to the plan or to discuss test results.

Cost £85

A maintenance package of 3 follow-up consultations over 12 weeks can be purchased for £240

(payment in advance)

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