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Nutritional Therapy


Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you suffer from digestive symptoms e.g. indigestion, bloating, flatulence, irregular bowel movements?

  • Do you feel stressed or unable to cope at times?

  • Do you typically have disturbed sleep or difficulty getting to sleep?

  • Do you struggle to exercise regularly?

  • Are you carrying more weight than you’d like?

  • Do you have low or fluctuating energy levels?

  • Do you suffer from fatigue or excess tiredness?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of the above, then it is likely that a review of your diet and lifestyle would be beneficial in identifying the areas to work on.

My Approach

My approach is based on research studies and clinical trials evidence.  I will take a detailed health history of conditions and symptoms to develop precision nutrition tailored just for you.  I usually work on a twelve-week programme which is personalised to individual goals but the time can be flexed to suit requirements.  I offer three programmes depending on the amount of support you think you need to reach your health goals; Basic, Standard and Premium.

I work mainly online but can offer face to face consultations in my local area if preferred.


Most often, there is not a quick fix and although some benefits may be seen after a matter of weeks, slow and steady is usually the best approach.  In some cases, I may refer you to other practitioners e.g. personal trainer, mindfulness coach, if this will help you achieve your goals.

Payment is taken in advance because I will research the lastest studies for your particular scenario prior to our first meeting.  Your programme will be unique and tailored to your specific health conditions and goals.

Functional Testing

Functional tests are not usually available on the NHS but can give us useful information to assess potential nutritional imbalances and inform personalised nutrition recommendations for well-being.  As a qualified practitioner I have access to these tests and am trained in interpretation of results.  NHS testing via your GP will be used preferentially where ever this may be helpful, to minimise additional cost.

Genetic phenotype assessment may be used to inform nutritional therapy recommendations.


If appropriate, tests will be recommended and can be arranged for additional cost which will vary depending on the test.  Test interpretation is included in your health plan but can be provided as a stand-alone if desired  for £50 - £130 plus the cost of the test, depending on its complexity.

Medication / Nutritional Review

I believe that diet is the best way to get all the nutrients we require but It's important to note that nutritional needs can vary depending on age, sex, activity level, and overall health status. In addition, there are many reasons why your body might have sub-optimal levels of a specific nutrient including:-​

  • Restrictive diets e.g. vegan; coeliac

  • A condition that is depleting supplies e.g. stress or medications

  • Exposure to pollution or toxic compounds e.g. car fumes, agricultural pesticides

  • Genetic predispositions that can up or down-regulate metabolic pathways increasing the need for supporting nutrients ​

​​In these circumstances, it may be advisable to supplement the diet to counteract adverse effects. A review of diet and supplements along with cross-checking for medication interactions can be arranged as a stand-alone for a fee of £95.

Working with me


Book a free 20 minute call at a time that suits you


I will call you to discuss your concerns and goals


We will plan in sessions to talk about your nutrition and set targets


We will have follow up sessions to see how you are getting on

Different foods including nuts, egg and avocado

Nutritional therapy can be a powerful tool for improving health and well-being by helping people identify nutrient deficiencies or imbalances.

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